Beecher Room Featured Artwork for Jan-Feb 2020

Beecher Room Library Exhibit:     January 1 through Februrary 29, 2020

You will thoroughly enjoy Pete Henshaw’s photos that our featured artist will have on display in the Beecher Room through February.  From spectacular nature photos like the Yosemite firefall through whimsical images modified in Photoshop, they are well worth stopping by to see.  


Artist Pete Henshaw, January and February

I loved photography “back in the day,” focusing mostly on sports—major events like the Indy 500 and Kentucky Derby. I took up photography again after retirement. Then I became energized by taking classes at Sierra College, where I was introduced to Photoshop. The more classes I took, the more my interest in photography grew. Add to that—a great photo club and, of course, YouTube.

I learned there’s more to photography than just snapping a picture with an expensive camera, and there are better ways to learn than trial and error. There are so many different facets to photography that it has become a lifetime pursuit, from sports photography to portraits to landscapes. Then there are the distinct ways of repairing photos, such as printing them on metal or fine art printing. These are all different studies.

Currently, I’m into printing nightscapes on metal. I love the colors and the challenge. I also love the “alone” time, experimentation, the feeling of being one with the universe, and the sense that I’m not all that important. I’m just this little speck.