Noon Program Story Teller David Tarvin March 15, 2019

Our NOON Program this Friday, March 15th features David Tarvin, Professional Story Teller

David Tarvin is a local storyteller and a storytelling workshop facilitator. He will be speaking at noon on March 15 th at the Auburn Library on the Who’s, What’s, and Why’s of legacy storytelling. He will be telling two original oral stories as well as an undated version of the Leonardo De Vinci’s fable “The Stone”. There will be a group activity where you can participate in an improvised story based on a photograph and the groups imagination.

David is the Creative Director of The Story Train, where every journey is a story and every story a journey. The Story Train, a performing arts organization, promotes storytelling events and workshops in the Sacramento Region. The organization offers several types of storytelling workshops during the year but the main function of The Story Train is Legacy Storytelling workshops for seniors. One or more of the following workshops will be offered in your area soon. Look for, a Children’s Storytelling Workshop, a 1st Person Storytelling Workshop, a Monolog Storytelling Workshop, and Legacy Storytelling Workshop. Call 916-694-9559 for more information