Noon Program Stuntman Gary Davis March 2, 2018

Gary Davis, stuntman to the stars, is a legend in the movie business.  He is a graduate from Del Oro High School.  His wild streak settled into a successful stuntman career with 280 feature films, 250 TV episodes and 190 commercials.  March 2012 the California Hall of Fame honored him for his contributions as an artist, teacher and role model.  Davis has lived in Auburn for a decade.

Gary spoke for over an hour this past Friday (March 2nd) at NOON in the Beecher room to a packed house of about 50 people (hope you were one of them).  He brought to life what it is to be one of the top stunt men in America.  The pictures of Gary and other major Hollywood stars let you see the stunts he performed and the actors/actresses he doubled.  Thanks ever so much Gary.